H & B Mining have been providing a service to the Australian mining industry for the past 25 years, specialising in the upgrade of conveyor transfer areas and providing a mechanical, structural and civil design service. In conjunction with these services, H & B supply a range of Easy Maintenance conveyor products which when incorporated into a new or existing conveyor transfer enhance the overall productivity of the transfer whilst making it safe, clean and maintenance friendly. H & B’s Easy Maintenance conveyor products have been incorporated on many mining conveyors on a vast majority of the mine sites throughout the Pilbara region of Western Australia.


H & B Mining's in-house design and project management team have extensive experience in new project work (greenfields) where project management and supply of site specific designs is required. H & B also specialise in existing plant upgrades (brownfields) which involves on-site data retrieval followed by an intense design process. The design process combines H & B’s innovative design and easy maintenance conveyor product range which are custom designed to suit the parameters of the existing conveyor transfers. H & B’s ability to provide in-house design, on-site data retrieval and project management ensures that the client gets the best Easy Maintenance conveyor transfer design solutions available.



H & B’s workshop is located in Perth, Western Australia where all of the manufacturing is carried out including material processing, fabrication, welding, assembly and storage. A team of skilled tradesman work according to specific procedures to provide all of the custom designed products from H & B’s ‘Easy Maintenance’conveyor product range. The workshop has a dedicated assembly line where a trained group of fitters assemble all of the products ensuring that each finished product is assembled to the nominated design specifications and tolerances indicated on the design drawing which ultimately becomes the property of the client. All assembled products are palletised, labelled and stored whilst awaiting dispatch.


Current Range of Services

The current range of services we offer our clients are:


Head Office

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