Retractable Loading Boot Solution to Poor Conveyor Belt Tracking

Poor belt tracking has been a headache on most mining conveyors since time immemorial. In the past, prevention of poor conveyor belt tracking has proved rather costly and inadequate, with no solution to date. H & B’s patented retractable loading boot may be the answer to this longstanding problem.

Poor Conveyor Belt Tracking

Cause: Material not loaded centrally at the conveyor transfer impacts on one side of the belt with such force that the conveyor belt is pushed off track. Current solutions: Install a training plate or a loading boot directly beneath the transfer chute to direct the falling material centrally onto the belt. Problem with current solutions: The installed training plate or loading boot is sandwiched between the transfer chute and the conveyor skirts both vertically and horizontally. This makes access for conveyor maintenance and exchange of parts extremely difficult, at times impossible. These areas do not get maintained as often as they should and the worn opening in the installed training plate/loading boot is no longer able to do the job it was designed for.

H & B’s Retractable Loading Boot

The premise of the retractable loading boot is based on two things:
1. Creating simple and easy access to the training plate/loading boot, thus encouraging maintenance to the area.

2. To guarantee that the material flows centrally onto the conveyor belt. H & B’s retractable loading boot offers quick and easy withdrawal so that test loading boots with different placed openings can be trialed. Ultimately, this will lead to finding the correct boot type and shape, which will then guarantee a central flow of material onto the conveyor belt. Ongoing maintenance is simple, quick and easy such that the poor conveyor belt tracking issue should be permanently eliminated. The retractable loading boot is a potential solution to poor conveyor belt tracking.

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