For Material Handling Conveyor Transfers

conveyor designH & B Mining has an in-house design team specialising in materials handling projects for new and/or existing mines. The design work produced by H & B Mining incorporates drafting together with mechanical, structural and civil engineering for conveyor transfer design. 

The team specialises in conveyor transfer upgrades and materials handling projects but have also handled numerous structural, mechanical and civil projects over the years. 

H & B offer custom design work tailored to suit site specific requirements as well as an innovative development service. H & B have helped clients develop new designs to incorporate safe and simple operation and maintenance procedures to suit the clients required applications and on site conditions. The team at H & B Mining are continuously reviewing existing designs currently regarded as standard in the Australian mining industry, and exploring ways to improve, simplify and make a safer working environment for all maintenance teams.

The in-house design team at H & B Mining have collectively contributed to the development of the Easy Maintenance product range for mining conveyors. The Easy Maintenance product range includes conveyor idlers, conveyor skirts, conveyor guards, hinged dust covers, conveyor system designs and other specialist designs for conveyor transfer points.

In-house Design Shop Detail

Having the ability to shop detail from the design files prepared internally gives H&B Mining an advantage over their competitors. Not only do we produce quality drawings, but we save our clients time and money with the ability to use our design files to extract components required for shop detail drawings and DXF files.

The shop detail team is an integral part of the H & B group as they guarantee a job is carried out with exceptional precision which in turn ensures the components are manufactured to an outstanding quality.


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