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Conveyor transfer points have inherent challenges for maintenance and safety with implications for material handling conveyor productivity. Bulk material handling transfer points involve moving conveyor parts in a noisy and dusty environment. Effective material spillage and dust containment at conveyor transfer points and loading zones is a key factor for optimal conveyor productivity. Conveyor components and conveyor accessories need to be maintained and replaced often. Conveyor transfer point design which utilises an ‘on-the-ground’ experience base, understands the need for quick access and easy maintenance on-site.

What are the key considerations involved when choosing a conveyor transfer design?


How easy is repair/maintenance at the conveyor transfer point?

Accessibility to conveyor parts that require maintenance is an important consideration. Conveyor design that allows for access to conveyor skirts and skirt liners from outside the skirted area or chute will remove the need for confined space permits as well as reduce the time required for skirt liner replacement and adjustment. The number of operators required to complete conveyor maintenance tasks as well as the type of equipment needed should also be thought about. Conveyor idler and conveyor skirting system products which require only a single operator utilising standard tools to complete repairs are available. Modular conveyor system design can improve access for maintenance and repairs by reducing the amount of secondary steelwork and creating more space around conveyor transfer areas. Repair and replacement of worn or damaged conveyor parts can be done in sections when conveyor modular designs are implemented.


How quickly can I get parts?

Modular systems allow for keeping stock items. Ensuring that all of the components are identical helps speed up the design, manufacture, installation and most importantly the maintenance of the conveyor system.


How easy is it to modify modular design to suit my needs?

Most modular design conveyor systems can be custom designed to meet individual material handling needs. Find a conveyor design service with specialist experience in material handling projects for new and/or existing mines. A well –established conveyor transfer design company with a clear history of providing customised conveyor transfer design work which meets site specific requirements will readily manage to find a modular design to suit your needs.


Can the conveyor design be incorporated into an existing transfer?

Conveyor parts at material handling transfer points often require frequent repair and replacement. When a conveyor transfer point requires an overhaul it is worth considering whether the conveyor transfer upgrade could utilise a new design, incorporating latest developments in conveyor design to improve access and maintenance and reduce costs. New developments in conveyor product design mean that innovative conveyor transfer designs can be incorporated into existing operations. A conveyor transfer upgrade can provide an opportunity for modernisation rather than simply replacement of ‘new for old’.


H & B Mining are conveyor transfer specialists

The H & B in-house design team can answer any further questions you have about choosing the right conveyor specialists for your project. Phone 9403 2993 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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