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H  &  B  Mining’s  in-house  design  team  designs  conveyor  transfer  points  to  allow  for  easy  accessibility  to maximize maintenance and realise true operational benefits.  An effective seal between the conveyor skirt and belt line is paramount for successful conveyor material containment.  The ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor skirt utilises an adjustable skirt liner together with a dynamic skirt rubber design to prevent material spillage. When the ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor skirt is incorporated with the drop down idler, conveyor maintenance is enhanced and material spillage is reduced to an absolute minimum.


H & B’s conveyor skirt design offers maintenance crews the ability to adjust and change out skirt rubber with ease. Once the skirt rubber is removed, access to the skirt liner bolts is possible and the vertical height of the skirt liner can be adjusted down to reduce the gap between the skirt liner and the conveyor belt to minimize spillage.

H & B Mining’s new revolutionary ‘Segmented Conveyor Skirt’ design incorporates all of the standard ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor skirt features with the added bonus that the skirt liner can be changed without having to get inside the chute or the skirted area. Inclusion of the segmented skirt design provides maintenance crews with simple, safe and speedy access, resulting in completion of conveyor maintenance on a regular basis. Ultimately resulting maximum benefits in safety and productivity.



Easy  and  safe  access  to  all  conveyor  parts  that  require  maintenance  is  key  to  minimising  material spillage. Easy access to and maintenance of conveyor idlers and rollers will result in a consistent belt line. Simple and fast adjustability of conveyor skirts will result in a lasting effective seal between conveyor belt and skirt. Conveyor products that are easy to maintain will encourage maintenance teams to carry out the maintenance tasks needed to keep conveyor transfers clean and operational.


The ultimate in conveyor transfer design utilizing H&B’s easy maintenance products has been developed to improve operations, reduce shut down time and encourage maintenance. The ‘STREAMLINE CONVEYOR TRANSFER DESIGN’ has been developed to make design, supply, installation, accessibility, maintenance and replacement issues simpler, safer and quicker. Visit ‘STREAMLINE CONVEYOR TRANSFER DESIGN’ on the H&B website.

The most common area on a mining conveyor system where spillage can occur is the conveyor transfer point. Material spillage not only means loss of conveyed material but it can also result in higher maintenance costs, greater conveyor downtime and compromised safety.


The cause of excessive spillage at any conveyor transfer point is generally down to poor design.  With over 30 years’ experience in conveyor transfer design H & B Mining’s approach to solving the problem of excessive material spillage is to examine three main issues:

1.  BELT LINE: a consistent conveyor belt line is essential in the skirted area to maintain a seal with the conveyor skirt liners.
2.  DESIGN: include products that allow for simple, safe, speedy maintenance to the conveyor skirts, idlers and rollers.
3.  MAINTENANCE: easy access and easy maintainability to the conveyor skirt liners, skirt rubber and idler rolls will enhance regular maintenance.



A consistent belt line is needed for an effective seal to be created between the conveyor belt and skirt. The two main causes of an inconsistent belt line are belt sag and worn or damaged rollers. To guarantee a true belt line on any conveyor transfer point it is recommended that drop down conveyor idlers be incorporated into the conveyor transfer design.  

H & B drop down conveyor idlers offer an extremely maintenance friendly method of changing out worn ordamaged rollers. One roller can be changed out by a single operator in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the drop down conveyor idlers are designed so that the rollers and idlers can be positioned close enough together to prevent any possibility of conveyor belt sag.



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