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H & B's brand new ͚Easy Maintenance Retractable Idler͛, the EMRI will revolutionise conveyor idler roller maintenance.

This innovative conveyor idler design provides a safe, simple and quick manual method of changing out ALL conveyor rollers, (including the central roller) from outside of the conveyor.

The EMRI design (patent pending 2018200600) will encourage regular maintenance rather than leave it in the ͚too hard basket͛.

For over 20 years H & B Mining have been supplying their ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor products to the iron-ore industry of Western Australia. H & B conveyor skirts and drop down idlers have been regarded as standard design throughout the Pilbara: saving millions of dollars in reduced shut down time whilst enhancing the overall productivity of the conveyor systems. 

It was only a matter of time before the Australian coal industry would embrace the H & B way. That time is NOW.

instagram mining H&B Mining have just started an Instagram account. We will be posting images of our innovative conveyor solutions and projects.

Instagram provides a great way for people with an interest in mining, machinery and conveyors to quickly see new product ideas and solutions.

The H & B Mining conveyor product range coupled with the innovative design technology enhances the overall productivity of conveyor materials handling systems, reducing shutdown times to an absolute minimum and improving safety, whilst gaining cost effective operations.

H & B Mining have developed the Streamline conveyor transfer design, with enhanced conveyor productivity in mind, promising minimal conveyor spillage, reduced shutdown time and effective accessibility for maintenance.

The unique feature of the streamline design is that it utilises the drop down idler end bracket to support the skirts, covers and guards thus eliminating the need for any intermediate support posts giving 100% access for inspection and maintenance.

H B Diversion Plough AustraliaThe H & B Mining diversion plough has been successfully installed and operated in over 50 mine sites across Western Australia and is now entering the international market. So how did H & B Mining, a specialist design and supply company for mining conveyor transfer points become the ‘go to’ for conveyor diversion ploughs in WA and soon the world?
In 2002, H & B were approached by a client with an existing problematic flatbed plough design and were keen to consider an alternative diversion plough design. After on-site assessment, the H & B design team developed the integrated diversion plough.

Conveyor transfer points have inherent challenges for maintenance and safety with implications for material handling conveyor productivity. Bulk material handling transfer points involve moving conveyor parts in a noisy and dusty environment. Effective material spillage and dust containment at conveyor transfer points and loading zones is a key factor for optimal conveyor productivity. Conveyor components and conveyor accessories need to be maintained and replaced often. Conveyor transfer point design which utilises an ‘on-the-ground’ experience base, understands the need for quick access and easy maintenance on-site.

What are the key considerations involved when choosing a conveyor transfer design?

Conceive – Develop – Fabricate - Demonstrate

H B Model with Conveyor ProductsH & B Mining strives to be at the forefront of conveyor transfer design in the Australian mining industry. Safety, maintainability and productivity are at the core of our entire ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor product range.

Leading the way forward in conveyor transfer innovation H & B Mining have now designed and fabricated a full-scale conveyor model located at the Welshpool workshop. The ‘life-sized’ conveyor product model showcases many of H & B Mining’s innovative conveyor designs. 

‘Streamline’ Conveyor Transfer Design

Self-supporting conveyor transfer system which creates 100% clear and safe access

Segmented Conveyor Skirts
Allows changing out of conveyor skirt liners from outside of the chute and skirted areas

Eco-light Conveyor Skirt Liners
Overall mass of the skirt liner is reduced by up to 40%; safer to handle & lower supply costs

Hinged Conveyor Dust Covers
Allows easy access to skirted areas along the conveyor for inspection and maintenance Drop Down Conveyor Idlers Provides a quick, easy, safe and economical way to change out worn or damaged idler rollers DILO Conveyor Guards Developed for the Australian mining industry to allow safe & easy removal/re-installation

H & B Mining have over 40 years of experience in conveyor transfer design. We work closely with site personnel and maintenance crews on mine sites across Australia to achieve optimal conveyor transfer design.

A number of factors need to be considered in the design of conveyor transfer points for material bulk handling in the mining industry. These include functionality, ease of maintenance, belt loading and tracking, and wear reduction. Poorly designed conveyor transfer points can cause major problems resulting in unsafe work areas together with lengthy shut down times leading to loss in productivity.

The easy maintenance modular design for mining conveyors combines the H & B Mining drop down idlers, dust covers and guards together with the standard easy maintenance skirting system bringing consistency in design. The length of each conveyor module is determined by a distance divisible by the length of the skirt liner on the standard skirt panel.

This ensures standard positioning of the drop down idlers for easy access to idler rolls whilst also allowing for standardisation in length for all of the guards and covers within the conveyor system. The dust cover supports double up as skirt and guard supports which creates more space in the skirting area, allowing maximum access to all skirt rubber and skirt wear plates. The H & B Mining modular conveyor design incorporates the use of identical components which helps speed up the design, manufacture, installation and most importantly the maintenance of the conveyor system on site.

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Eco-light Design Future Looks Bright for the ‘Eco Light’

The H & B “Eco-light Skirt Liner” is slowly but surely gaining recognition within the Australian mining industry. Whilst the main goal of any conveyor skirt liner is to survive the persistent wear  from moving material for the longest possible time, it is also important to consider the cost and manual handling involved with installation of the skirt liner.

H  &  B  Mining’s  in-house  design  team  designs  conveyor  transfer  points  to  allow  for  easy  accessibility  to maximize maintenance and realise true operational benefits.  An effective seal between the conveyor skirt and belt line is paramount for successful conveyor material containment.  The ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor skirt utilises an adjustable skirt liner together with a dynamic skirt rubber design to prevent material spillage. When the ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor skirt is incorporated with the drop down idler, conveyor maintenance is enhanced and material spillage is reduced to an absolute minimum.


H & B’s conveyor skirt design offers maintenance crews the ability to adjust and change out skirt rubber with ease. Once the skirt rubber is removed, access to the skirt liner bolts is possible and the vertical height of the skirt liner can be adjusted down to reduce the gap between the skirt liner and the conveyor belt to minimize spillage.

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