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Hard working iron-ore mines in the Pilbara of Western Australia inherently require periodical upgrades at conveyor transfer points. H & B’s latest innovation, the STREAMLINE conveyor transfer design has been successfully installed across Pilbara mine-sites as part of conveyor transfer upgrades. This modular conveyor transfer design is customised to accommodate existing plant work and can be installed in stages if required to suit shutdown times. 

The latest installation in the Pilbara began with a site visit in January 2017 where H & B Mining staff completed identified the H & B ‘Streamline’ conveyor transfer design as the solution for a successful transfer upgrade.

In March 2017 Stage 1 of the conveyor transfer upgrade was completed; the H & B drop down conveyor idlers (DDI) were installed. The cap plates on the installed DDI end brackets provided an interface for the fully assembled STREAMLINE skirt module to be dropped onto. Installing the fully assembled skirt, dust cover and crossover module in one piece saves valuable installation time whilst assembling in the shop guarantees the install would be a success.

In November 2017 Stage 2 of the upgrade was completed. This involved installation of a fully assembled ‘Streamline’ module of conveyor skirts, skirt supports, conveyor dust covers, head curtain and tail curtain which was transported to site as a single module and installed in one piece.

The Streamline conveyor transfer design also included the unique and innovative H & B integrated conveyor crossover platform. The platform offers access to the transfer chute and is designed with hinged floor plates which can be opened up to allow access to the belt directly over and above the chute outlet.

The Stage 2 install was supervised by H & B staff who witnessed a clean and quick install resulting in a much improved maintenance friendly transfer offering easy and safe access to all consumable items whilst increasing the overall productivity of the conveyor.

Watch Video: Streamline Conveyor Transfer Design - 2 Stage Installation

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