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HM Diagram PoorConveyorTransfer BIGAs part of an ongoing upgrade maintenance crews at BHP Billiton decided to upgrade Conveyor Transfer M233 at Mt Whaleback.

Besides the age and condition of the conveyor transfer point, maintenance difficulties were arising and conveyor operations were sub-optimal.

Maintenance crews encountered problems accessing conveyor components for maintenance and issues were arising with increasing levels of dust emissions and conveyor spillage, resulting in reduced conveyor productivity.

The diagram on the right demonstrates the effects of poor conveyor design and the impact of reduced conveyor productivity.


The Ideal Conveyor System 

Conveyor maintenance crews identified H & B Mining’s new ‘Streamline’ Conveyor Transfer Design as the ideal conveyor system to achieve:

  • well maintained conveyor components
  • minimal conveyor spillage, and
  • improved conveyor productivity


Access for conveyor maintenance at Mt Whaleback

Access for conveyor maintenance at Mt Whaleback Conveyor M233 was made easy with the design and installation of H & B’s ‘Streamline’ Conveyor Transfer Design:

  • DILO Guards can be lifted out without any need for additional tools
  • Segmented EMS conveyor skirt system allows skirt liners to be changed/adjusted externally
  • Drop Down Conveyor Idlers (DDI) enable a single operator to change out rollers
  • Utilisation of the idler end brackets as common supports for all skirts, covers and guards eliminates need for secondary steelwork, and
  • Hinged dust covers allowing for quick and easy access to the conveyor belt.


Ovearall Conveyor Productivity Optimised

Overall conveyor productivity was optimised. H & B’s conveyor products are designed to minimise dust emissions and conveyor spillage:

  • Hinged Dust Covers have a labyrinth seal, blocking dust emissions
  • Segmented conveyor skirt system allows skirt liners to be easily adjusted to maintain seal between conveyor belt and skirts, and
  • H & B’s impact idlers (DDI) ensure the conveyor belt tracks centrally.

Design and installation of H & B Mining’s ‘Streamline’ Conveyor Transfer Design at BHP Billiton’s Mt Whaleback has been hailed a success by maintenance crews.

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