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Hard working iron-ore mines in the Pilbara of Western Australia inherently require periodical upgrades at conveyor transfer points. H & B’s latest innovation, the STREAMLINE conveyor transfer design has been successfully installed across Pilbara mine-sites as part of conveyor transfer upgrades. This modular conveyor transfer design is customised to accommodate existing plant work and can be installed in stages if required to suit shutdown times. 

It was only a matter of time before the world market would stand up, take notice and embrace H & B Mining’s ‘Easy Maintenance’ product range which offers a safe, simple and speedy solution to conveyor transfer maintenance issues.

2016 was a breakthrough year which saw H & B’s innovative easy maintenance skirt system and their equally impressive carry belt diversion plough employed outside of Australia.

HB2096 3d model Div Plough

The overall success of the H & B Mining diversion plough caught the attention of VIGAN, an integrated engineering company based in Europe. VIGAN, known for providing pneumatic & mechanical conveying systems for bulk material handling plants made enquiries regarding the inclusion of such a product for their Ust-Luga Baltic Fertiliser Terminal (Phase 3) in Russia.

VIGAN were keen to incorporate H & B Mining’s diversion plough on conveyor BC28 in the new flat store distribution gantry at the fertiliser terminal. A keen client with a short lead time forced H & B’s hand which resulted in a flight to the UK for urgent discussions in mid-August.

Positive negotiations resulted in a contract being awarded to H & B Mining for the design and supply of a 9m conveyor module fitted with a diversion plough for the Russian fertiliser terminal. The 9 metre long diversion plough module will replace a section of the existing conveyor currently comprised of three 3m long bays. 

segmented conveyorskirting system

H & B Mining’s reputation for supplying easy maintenance segmented conveyor skirts attracted the attention of MMG Limited. Melbourne headquartered MMG Limited operate and develop copper, zinc and other base metals projects across Australia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Laos and Peru.

3D EMS SKIRTFollowing a recommendation from Australian headquartered engineering and project management consultancy Lycopodium, H & B Mining acquired their first contract from the African continent.

Ghana is the second largest gold producer in Africa and a top 10 gold producer globally. Perseus Mining Ltd, is a west African-focused gold production, development and exploration company. In early 2016 Lycopodium (on behalf of Perseus Mining Ltd) contacted H & B Mining managing director Eddy Hodgkinson to discuss design and supply of ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor skirts for their Edikan gold mine in Ghana.

Newlands coal buys into H & B mining’s drop down retractable idler design
H & B Mining revolutionised impact idler design in the early 1990’s with the in Drop down retractable idler template image troduction of the ‘Drop Down Idler’ for miningconveyors.

The effectiveness of the H & B drop down idler design resulted in its inclusion as standard design for conveyor transfer points across the Pilbara of Western Australia.


Conveyor Module with Diversion Plough

H & B Mining have just completed fabrication of a conveyor module which includes a carry belt diversion plough as an integral part of the design for Jimblebar Stage 2. The fully transportable conveyor module required for conveyor CV002 was designed by H & B’s in-house design team and fabricated in the Welshpool workshop. The fully assembled CV002 conveyor module completed factory acceptance testing last week and is now ready for dispatch. The fully transportable conveyor module has been designed to carry a 1600mm wide belt travelling at a maximum speed of 6.09 m/sec and handling a maximum of 11000 tonnes per hour.


HB2036 STACKER SKIRTS 3d MODEL Default 000 3H & B Mining have been identified as the Experts in Conveyor Skirts for a problematic conveyor transfer point at the Rio Tinto bauxite operation on the Gove Peninsula in the Northern Territory. Rio Tinto Gove produced 6,528,000 million tonnes of bauxite in 2014; the conveyor transfer points move a large volume of material.

H and B Mining Diversion Plough 2016Mining conveyor diversion ploughs are a specialised field in conveyor design – H & B Mining are establishing themselves as experts in this area.

Late 2015 saw the successful installation of the H & B diversion plough for FMG on two conveyor systems at Christmas Creek, Western Australia. The diversion plough design incorporated a primary and secondary blade to ensure all bulk material was diverted from the belt.

Conveyor Transfer Specialists Gove BauxiteRio Tinto Alcan has employed H & B Mining as part of the redesign for conveyor transfer points at their Gove Operations bauxite mine in the Northern Territory. After years of serious spillage and maintenance issues Rio Tinto have decided to embrace the ‘Easy Maintenance’ philosophy behind H & B’s conveyor transfer products at their bauxite operations in Gove. This follows on from successful implementation of H & B Mining conveyor products at Rio Tinto iron-ore operations in the Pilbara of Western Australia.

The H & B segmented conveyor skirt and conveyor drop down idler combination will be designed and fabricated by H & B as part of the conveyor transfer upgrade. Combining the H & B ‘Easy Maintenance’ segmented conveyor skirt together with the H & B drop down idler has proven successful across iron-ore operations in Western Australia over the past 10 years. This conveyor-skirt-idler combination has been adopted as standard design by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill and Fortescue Metals Group. 

Introducing the h & b ‘integrated conveyor crossover’

H B integrated conveyor crossoverTheBHP Billiton recently activated conveyor M236 at Mt Whaleback, Western Australia. The skirted area on existing conveyor M232 required an extension to receive ore from the newly activated conveyor. H & B Mining were engaged to design and supply the new conveyor extension.

The majority of H & B Mining’s ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor product range has been incorporated into the new conveyor extension, including:

• Hinged conveyor dust covers
Segmented EMS conveyor skirt system
• Drop Down Conveyor Idlers and
• DILO Guards.

3D Diversion Plough H B MiningStage 2 is at last underway at Jimblebar iron-ore mine in the Pilbara of Western Australia! H & B were nominated by BHP Billiton as the preferred client for the design and supply of the carry-belt diversion plough for conveyor CV002.

BHP Billiton’s Jimblebar Stage 1 recognised H & B Mining’s vast experience in this specialised area by choosing H & B to design and supply two conveyor diversion ploughs for the first stage of the Jimblebar project.


HM Diagram PoorConveyorTransfer BIGAs part of an ongoing upgrade maintenance crews at BHP Billiton decided to upgrade Conveyor Transfer M233 at Mt Whaleback.

Besides the age and condition of the conveyor transfer point, maintenance difficulties were arising and conveyor operations were sub-optimal.

Maintenance crews encountered problems accessing conveyor components for maintenance and issues were arising with increasing levels of dust emissions and conveyor spillage, resulting in reduced conveyor productivity.

The diagram on the right demonstrates the effects of poor conveyor design and the impact of reduced conveyor productivity.

Twenty two years in the conveyor transfer design and supply business and H & B Mining find themselves in the enviable position of supplying Roy Hill with four of their seven ‘Easy Maintenance’ conveyor products which are currently available to the Australian mining industry.

Breakthrough at BHP Billiton

The introduction of the innovational modular skirt, hinged cover and DILO guarding system for Conveyor M232 at Mt Whaleback has been hailed a revelation.

Over 90 metres of old skirting on the convex curved conveyor has been replaced with the revolutionary H&B ‘Segmented Skirt’ which incorporates the new ‘Non-drop Skirt Liner’ design.

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